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(Dedicated to Dr. William C. Amos, periodontist)

Killing germs will be
Politically incorrect,
When euphemisms rule the day
And we put germs to sleep, instead.

And some will even object to that.
Listerine will become a banned substance,
With a reputation worse than narcotics;
And periodontists will throw up their hands,
"I'm sorry, Sir/Ma'am,
But it would be against the Hippocratic Oath
For me to disturb the natural life span
Of the bacteria nestling their young in your gums."
Everyone's teeth will fall out,
And denture manufacturers will cease with their trade,
For fear that, in the creation of their product,
They might disrupt ecology's natural balance,
Or, even worse, kill a germ.

The human population will be
Infested with diseases,
And eventually extinct itself
Through its own stupidity.

Come inherit the Earth!"
But the germs won't hear the voice of God.

Germs don't have ears.


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