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The squirrels are bounding along.
Birds are chirping a song.
Spotted owls perch and survey the glorious landscape.
Hyenas giggle and guffaw.
Giraffes graze the treetops.
Then mankind comes along.
A serpent circles a tree,
Waiting to strangle man's sensibility.
The snake succeeds.

Womankind has a talk with mankind,
And they become (hu)mankind.
Humankind starts listening to too many loud voices
And misses the landslide majority of suffocating whispers.
Humankind finds loud voices to be appealing,
Thus enstates
"The Freedom To Be an Idiot Act."

As a result,
Humankind enters Cosmic Court
To declare itself a dangerous and unredeemable species,
In order to save
**********The Wooly Mammoth Caterpillar,
**********The rare Loony Moth,
**********And the Revive the Monarchy Butterfly.
Humankind receives a self-induced collective heart attack
And dies,
With the assistance of the merciful
Patron Saint Kevorkian.


Free from human tyranny,
The squirrels declare themselves
"King of the Beasts"
And have massive lion hunts,
In which hundreds of squirrels
Dive-bomb a single lion from his shade tree.
Birds are chirping obscenities
And calling it art.
Hyenas laugh their heads off
When hearing the birds;
Nothing else is funny to them anymore.
The giraffes still graze the treetops,
So the other animals call them "old-fashioned"
And make them into social outcasts
Because of their long necks.

A spotted owl surveys the landscape of crumbling buildings.
She is perched on top of
A human skull.


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